Clar’s goal of establishing presence in the GCC region resulted in the first stepping stones being taken in 2020, by establishing Tasleefa. Since then, licenses in both Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have been obtained. The foundation has been laid and a rapid growth is expected to take place during the second part of 2022.

A region containing some of the countries with the highest GDP per capita as well as a rapid digitalization making this a huge opportunity for Clar. We expect to be a part of the journey of revolutionizing the way people look at loans in this region.

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Mohamed Batterjee


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Bahrain, Saudi Arabia



Clar works to establish global financing rails connecting banks with consumers worldwide, increasing transparency and reducing friction between consumers and lenders by digitizing the global consumer credit market.

With head office in Stockholm, Sweden, Clar has a global reach through the platforms: Prestalo, Tasleefa, FinanZero, Creditiz, Akredo, Loando and Lendela. Up to date more than 200 active partnerships with banks and other financial institutions have been established, engaging 200+ full time employees across 8+ countries.

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