How We Create Value

By grouping multiple fintech brands under the same umbrella, Clar is able to leverage technical, financial, and operational resources to drive competitive advantages in each of its focus markets. By working together within Clar’s ecosystem, synergies can be found, learnings shared, and development thrive.

With a state-of-the-art platform and scalable infrastructure in place, Clar focuses on growing the platform by increasing integration with lenders and building local brand affiliation among consumers. Increasing integration with lenders leads to better matching, lower acquisition costs, and higher volume. For consumers, Clar builds brand affiliation by providing the best UX and interest rates, leading to higher conversion and happy consumers. 


Clar has perfected the blueprint for loan brokerage platforms, delivering prompt execution in new markets with experience from six companies

Operational Expertise

Clar hold the fintech farmer playbook – tapping into experience won in more mature markets to grow the next generation of loan brokerages hands-on


Clar allocates capital efficiently to fuel growth, as proven from successful launches with limited external financing – growth set to surge upwards with further funding

Platform Connecting Lenders

  • 200+ lenders connected to various degrees

  • Continuously reducing friction for lenders and users

  • Building ecosystems around digital lending


  • Personal relationships with decision makers in each market

  • Helping lenders and banks digitize (and regulators)

  • Happy loyal customers

Revenue Model With High Profitability

  • Well-known consumer brands – “our” users

  • High trust and consumer “NPS” – Google ratings 4.9-5.0/5

  • Commission on bank profit

Clar works to establish global financing rails connecting banks with consumers worldwide, increasing transparency and reducing friction between consumers and lenders by digitizing the global consumer credit market.

With head office in Stockholm, Sweden, Clar has a global reach through the platforms: Prestalo, Tasleefa, FinanZero, Creditiz, Akredo, Loando and Lendela. Up to date more than 200 active partnerships with banks and other financial institutions have been established, engaging 200+ full time employees across 8+ countries.

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