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The choices we make today define the world we live in tomorrow. Climate change, population growth and increasing urbanization are shifting the landscape and expectations on transport and infrastructure. In all our actions, we need to consider how to reduce climate impact, use the world’s resources more efficiently, and conduct business more responsibly.

As a signatory of the United Nations (UN) Global Compact and supporter of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, we consider global trends and challenges, international norms of responsible business behavior, and stakeholder expectations through our sustainability strategy when developing our work.

We have set our targets in accordance with Science Based Targets initiative.


Greenhouse gas emissions are one of the biggest threats to the planet. This is what we do to replace fossil power with clean energy sources


The planet’s resources are finite. This is what we do to improve efficiency and take a step change on circularity.


We are a human centric company. This is what we do to deliver safety, respect human rights, and use our full potential.


Cutting greenhouse gas emissions is critical to meet the ambitions of the Paris Climate Agreements, and Clar sustainability aspirations. One of the most important things we can do is to help reduce our customers’ emissions. Developing solutions that reduce the CO2 footprint is thus the first priority in our sustainability strategy. Our focus is to bring innovative and competitive solutions to the market in areas where we can make the greatest impact.

We are constantly considering new corporate sustainability initiatives regarding climate and environmental impacts from our industrial activities. We continuously reduce waste and emissions, optimize water use and improve our handling of solvents, oils and chemicals. Our focus is to replace fossil power with sustainable energy sources such as wind, solar, biomass and biofuels.


The planet’s resources are finite. Our ambition is to lead by example and aim for our own transport system to be world class in sustainability. We also believe it is possible to double the productivity of our customers’ logistics systems.

There are huge incentives for rethinking existing production and consumption patterns. Waste and pollution need to be designed out, and products and materials kept in use phase. Our increased focus on circularity in our sustainability initiatives will result in improved resource and materials efficiency with significant cost-saving opportunities.


Safety is a priority in everything we do. We have a vision for zero accidents with Clar products and in our workplaces. The ambition of our sustainability initiatives is to be a world class company on health and safety. We strive for a workplace where all colleagues come home safe every day.

​We are proud of being the employer of choice, attracting and retaining the talent we need. As a human centric company, we strive to have a positive impact on people around us and are committed to respect human rights in line with the Clar sustainability vision.

How we act in our daily work defines the perception of the Clar by the world. We are continuously working to build and be part of environmentally and socially sustainable value chains and engage in society according to the Volvo Group sustainability strategy.​

Clar works to establish global financing rails connecting banks with consumers worldwide, increasing transparency and reducing friction between consumers and lenders by digitizing the global consumer credit market.

With head office in Stockholm, Sweden, Clar has a global reach through the platforms: Prestalo, Tasleefa, FinanZero, Creditiz, Akredo, Loando and Lendela. Up to date more than 200 active partnerships with banks and other financial institutions have been established, engaging 200+ full time employees across 8+ countries.

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